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Many insect species are able to use wood as a food source or as a home. In doing so they can cause serious damage to timber by tunnelling into standing trees, freshly felled logs or wet, decaying timber. A small number, mostly beetles, are able to attack timber in the more or less dry conditions found in buildings. These beetles are often called "woodworm" because it is the larval or "worm" stage that bores into and eats the wood.

Application of a unique and innovative product by fogging or spray, use of specialist paste where deeper penetration is necessary, and a full 30 year guarantee for all treated areas.

Wood Rotting Fungi - identification / resolution of water source, removal and replacement of decayed timbers, the protection of timbers at risk, and a full 30 year guarantee to treated areas.


To Roddy, George, Eddie and Gordon & all the workman. Many thanks for your professionalism and support.

Sharon (Edinburgh)